Predictions for the March 8 Presidential Primary

Graphic by Jacob Rozowsky

By Mehmet Zorluoglu
Staff Columnist

On March 8, the crucial state of Michigan will hold its primary while many supporters of the remaining candidates anxiously awaiting the results. Here are my predictions for both the Democratic and GOP victors.

GOP: Donald Trump looks like he is in a good enough position in the polls to be able to win this state, but Ted Cruz has beat polling projections in some of the recent primaries. However, considering that Cruz’s support is mostly concentrated in the south and middle of America rather than places like Illinois or Michigan, Trump should be able to withstand the recent Cruz surge to win the state. Should Cruz win, there will be a huge boost of momentum, proving that he can win states all over the country, further strengthening his case as the strongest alternative to Trump.

Prediction: Trump, Cruz (by a hair over Kasich), Kasich, Rubio

Democrats: Bernie Sanders has made tremendous progress in Michigan according to the polls, with the most recent count from Michigan State University showing him within 5% of Clinton, which is also within the margin of error for that particular poll. However, Clinton’s name recognition and the benefit of having run a campaign in the state just 8 years ago will ultimately give her a win, however slight it may be. Should Sanders manage a victory, it will be a huge warning signal to the Clinton campaign, considering that he has won several states in the past few weeks, and Michigan would be the largest and most crucial of the bunch.

Prediction: Clinton by a 7-10 point spread