Q&A with Athlete of the Week: Henry Feldman

Photo courtesy of Henry Feldman

By Cameron Dubin
Managing Editor of Sports

The Dual County League is one of the most competitive boys’ tennis conferences in the state, with powerhouses such as Lincoln-Sudbury and Acton-Boxborough.

However, junior Henry Feldman has immersed as one of the best players in the state for the Newton South team. Feldman plays number one singles for the Lions; meaning he is always matched up against the opponent’s best player.

South has already clinched a spot in the state tournament, largely because of Feldman’s impressive play.

Denebola had the chance to sit down with Feldman as he prepares to lead South’s tournament run.

When and why did you start playing tennis?

“I started playing when I was really young because my dad was a really good player, he played in college so [I] sorta started going with him. But, I didn’t start playing competitively until I was thirteenish, sorta seventh, eighth grade. And I started to focus on tennis and sorta stopped playing soccer and baseball and stuff like that.”

How do you feel like this season is going so far?

“It went well. We just finished up the regular season. We were 8-6. I think we’re happy to be in the tournament. We were expecting to do a little bit better, but it’s just good that we got into the tournament and for the most part we’re pretty healthy so that’s good.”

Do you have any pre match routines or superstitions?

“Let me think about that. Before I start the match, I say some little thing to myself, but not really no.”

How would you describe your tennis game and how you play?

“I’m a base liner so I sorta play consistent from the backcourt, off both sides and just try to work the point, moving my opponent around from side to side, and then eventually when I get a shorter, easier ball, then I try to be aggressive and maybe come into net to finish the point.”

Do you have any future plans for tennis?

“I’m still thinking about whether I want play in college or not. If I did, it would probably limit my options, as to where I would go because there are not a ton of places where I could play. But, I’m still trying to figure it out, I love it [tennis] so if possible then maybe I could do that.”