Review Patriot’s Day is a True-to-Life Spectacle

Graphic by Mel Egan

By Maddy Epstein

Arts Reporter

Overall Rating: 4/5

This past week, the highly anticipated movie Patriot’s Day was released to the public right here in Boston. The film is based on the Boston Marathon bombings, which happened back in 2013. It follows the journey of local police officials in their hunt for the Tsarnaev brothers, the two terrorists behind the attack.

The movie opens by following several families and individuals that were affected by the bombings in the days leading up to the marathon. Most of the featured persons, such as Boston Police commissioner Ed Davis and married couple Patrick Downes and Jessica Kensky were actual people that experienced the horrific events on April 15, 2013.  Sergeant Tommy Saunders, played by Mark Wahlberg, was one of the only fictional main characters.  

The scene where the actual bombings occurred was so realistic and well portrayed it was hard to tell what parts were real videos and what was filmed for the movie.  Even the location of where the bombs were planted were to completely accurate.  Everything following was just as true to life, only adding slight details for the sake of more action and clarity.

The most heart wrenching part came at the end, where real people who experienced this tragedy were given the chance to share their story. They gave insight into what that day was really was like, and how they overcame their struggles following the attack.

Of course Big Papi’s famous “This is our f—ing city” speech was included as well as a dedication to the four people who passed away during the course of these tragic events. This only make viewers tear up more.

The movie channeled  many different perspectives into one cohesive narrative. It told the story of what happened during those several days from the perspective of different groups, like the police officers, government officials, attackers, and victims. It also weaved in real footage taken from the day of the bombings and the news broadcasts that followed. The director, Peter Berg, did an exceptional job of being respectful to the actual victims, and remaining true to what events actually took place over the course of the marathon and the manhunt for the brothers that followed. He didn’t overdramatize the movie to make it more appealing to Hollywood action standards.

In all, Patriots Day is a must-see for all of America, but especially for us locals.  It really makes you feel a sense of community within the Boston area, and it was captivating and surreal to see a movie centered around something so personal and close to home.