College: Taking a Different Path Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Be Happy

Image by Abby Lass

By Lauren Miller

Managing Editor of Opinions

For those of us seniors currently refreshing our Facebook feeds to see the latest college acceptance: how about we take a step back? Let’s put things into perspective.

Ah, December. Michael Buble’s deluxe Christmas album on replay, a freshly stoked fire in the background, Swiss Miss with marshmallows galore. But also…college?

As early decision and early action letters roll in, this month is an emotional yoyo at best for seniors who put in early applications, but also for those who didn’t.

As senior Rebecca Reinstein said, “It’s definitely stressful, and not because [peers who have been accepted] are going to schools I applied to, but because they are now done with the college process and it reminds me of what I still have to do and that I’m not at that point yet.”

We have all worked so hard to get to wherever we currently are. Most of us that are planning to go to college have at least submitted an application or two. Whether you have or not, woohoo to you! You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

As I keep reminding myself: early decisions are early for a reason. We are all taking different paths, and it’s only logical that we are at vastly different places, despite learning in the same classrooms.

It can seem confusing when your closest friends are shopping for their college apparel and scouting for roommates, while your reality is sending in those last ACT scores, and being frustrated at the far too many pages it takes you to log in, as any ACT-taker can attest.

So a gentle thought to all my senior peers that can’t imagine where they will be one year from now: things will fall into place. Yeah, we have some waiting to do, but that’s what this process entails.

It’s unfair to let applications and waiting to hear back from those colleges cloud your holiday season, much less your year.

Some people have even chosen to log off of Facebook for a while, with the bombardment of college of posts becoming too much for them.

“In order to maintain a healthy perspective on my own journey, I felt it was necessary to stay away for a while,” senior Avery Welbourn said.  

Whether you have been accepted, rejected, deferred, or are still waiting, once you are done with the things in your control, take some time for yourself. There is nothing more you can do, so enjoy the holiday season and these coming months knowing that we will all find our own points of happiness in what our future holds.