The 8 Facets of Your Middle School Early-Release Experience

Photo by Julie Samuels

By Abby Lass


1) Trying to convince your parent/older sibling to drive you straight from school to Newton Centre so you can beat the crowds

2) Waiting in a ridiculously long line to get food at Lee’s because your parent/older sibling refused to drive you straight from school to Newton Centre to beat the crowds

3) Getting the stink eye at every store you go to because all the people working there assume you’re just a reckless hoodlum who isn’t going to buy anything

4) Getting invited to go to Newton Centre with a group of people you don’t like and then desperately trying to think of an excuse as to why you can’t go

5) Walking around Newton Centre and trying to avoid the group of people you said you were too busy to go to Newton Centre with

6) Organizing a hangout with a group of 15+ people and then somehow ending up hanging out with only the three people in the crew that you don’t like

7) Going to the Natick Mall instead of Newton Centre but then not having enough money to buy anything so you just get food at Auntie Anne’s

8) Being that one kid who doesn’t want to hang out with anyone so you just come home after school and make mac and cheese

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Abby Lass is the managing editor of arts and an avid reader of Percy Jackson. She has a deep passion for overzealous rants, overcommitment, and excessive analysis.