The Uncommon App: Caught Pink-Handed

Graphic by Isabella Xie

By Abby Lass

Newton South Class of 2017

Prompt: Describe a community that has shaped you.

Concerned Upperclassman: Abby, why are your hands pink?

Me (noticing this for the first time): Oh, I was at Macbeth rehearsal and got overly enthusiastic during our blood run– now it won’t wash out.

Concerned Upperclassman (mildly horrified by the phrase “blood run”): But it’s semi… won’t that show up in the photos?

Me (pondering this): I guess, but would you say that it’s more or less embarrassing than when I was photographed in a beard, giving birth in a river, or worshipping a baseball uniform-clad Jesus?

Concerned Upperclassman: Uhm…

Me (admiring pink hands): Definitely less embarrassing. I look badass.