This Week in Arts- 1/16

Graphic by Melanie Egan

By Chloe Frantzis

Managing Editor of Arts

This past Week:

Sunday 1/15: This past Sunday night, the last episode of Sherlock in season four, “The Final Problem”, aired on PBS. Although there are only three episodes per season, each one is highly sophisticated and intricate, spanning an hour and a half. Sherlock and Dr. Watson have captivated audiences across the world for the past seven years, but with such a clean and evocative season finale, one can only wonder if this is the end.

This Coming Week:

Thursday 1/19: This Thursday evening in the South auditorium, the Composer’s Concert will take place.The show will consist of performances from of both bands and the orchestra, as well as all of South’s choirs. This is all of the musical groups’ second concert of the year, but it will surely bring much more talent. This concert will also bring a new surprise never seen before in South history– the Oak Hill Middle School band will be joining the South band for one song. Not only is this a great experience for South students to mentor younger kids, but it gives these middle school students a glimpse at what the High School band level is like. The choirs are also set to feature a professional soloist for one of their pieces.