This Week in Arts- 12/12

Graphic by Melanie Egan

By Chloe Frantzis and Abby Lass

This Past Week

Wednesday 12/7: This past Wednesday night, Hairspray Live! aired on NBC. Although this is the chanel’s fourth showing of a live musical, Hairspray didn’t exactly meet the mark money-wise, only pulling in an audience of about 8.9 million viewers. But that doesn’t speak to the quality of the performance. With some famous cast members, such as Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson, the show was full of entertainment and enthusiasm. The production was extremely lively and engaging, while also discussing serious issues such as body-shaming and racism. Even though it is no longer airing, it’s worth watching online.

This Coming Week

All Week: If the pre-winter break blues have got you down, sit down and watch one of your favorite holiday television specials! Whether you’re partial to “A Year Without Christmas” or “A Rugrats Chanukah”, these heartwarming episodes are playing almost constantly on every channel available. So take a break, grab some hot cocoa, and bask in the glory that is commercialized Christmas.

Friday 12/16: Reflections, Newton South’s in-print literary magazine, is hosting a Christmas Barn at 7:30. Though the location has yet to be announced, this event is an excellent opportunity to spend an evening out of the cold, watching your classmates share their performance skills. If you’re interested in performing, contact Adam Newborn or Sam Marks.