This Week In News: 12/12

Graphic by Melanie Egan

Noy Alon
Managing Editor of News

This Upcoming Week:

Monday 12/12- Midterm

This day marks the midterm for the second quarter of the 2016-2017 school year. Midterm comments from students’ teachers will be posted on Skyward in the coming week.

Wednesday 12/14- Sophomore Guidance Seminar

All sophomore students will attend a guidance seminar led by their individual guidance counselors instead of attending their regularly scheduled G2 class.

This seminar will focus on the current state of students during sophomore year and expectations as they approach upperclassmen status.

Thursday 12/15- Parent Teacher Conferences  

Parents who have previously registered for conferences will attend their meetings on this day with specific room numbers posted on Virtual Paragon.

This second and final session of conferences will occur from 4:30-7:30 and unlike the first session, all South students and faculty will not experience a schedule change during normal school day hours.   

If parents can not come to their scheduled conference or missed the opportunity to register for a conference, then they or their student should talk to the student’s teacher to schedule a possible meeting date.

This Past Week:

Sunday 10/4- The Fall Classic

Newton South’s senior class coordinated with Lexington High School’s senior class to organize the first Fall Classic, a fundraiser for prom expenses.

The event used activities like pie eating contests and a futsal game to award points to one of the schools, and at the end of the event, the school with the most points was not only named “Fall Classic Champions”, but also received the majority of the funds raised.