This Week in News: 12/19

Graphic by Melanie Egan

Noy Alon
Managing Editor of News

This Upcoming Week:

Saturday 12/24- December Recess

Starting from this day and lasting until Tuesday, January 3, all regularly classes and activities for South students and faculty will be cancelled due to the holiday break.

This Past Week:

Monday 12/12- Gun Threat Via Social Media

After receiving a gun threat through the anonymous social media app “After School”, South administration responded by increasing the police presence on campus.

After a seemingly normal school day, Principal Joel Stembridge sent the South community a message using this event to show students why their behavior on social media matters.

As of now, the Newton Police Department is still investigating the incident.
Read more about the threat here:

South Receives Gun Threat via Social Media

Tuesday 12/13- Parking Changes

Due to the conclusion of the solar panel construction project, parking for students at South will gradually return to normal conditions.

Students with parking permits may only park in yellow lined spaces, as white lined spots are dedicated to faculty and visitors. Any student cars that are parked in faculty or visiting spaces will likely be towed.

In addition, the diagonal grass spaces next to the tennis courts are no longer available, and the other street parking on Brandeis added for this project will likely be removed in the next coming weeks.

The on street parking on Brandeis that was present before the construction and the spaces closest to Parker Street will remain open to students.

However, the administration will continue to observe the traffic situation throughout the winter season to determine if more removals are necessary.