This Week in News: 1/9

Graphic by Melanie Egan

Noy Alon
Managing Editor of News

This Upcoming Week:

Monday-Friday 1/9-1/13- Freshmen Postural Screening Program

All students in the freshman class will be screened by the school nurse or their health or wellness teacher for a detection of any spinal problems.

In accordance with the Massachusetts General Law, this program is a screening procedure to evaluate if students need further medical assistance, and is not a diagnostic program.

Female and male students will be screened separately, but all students will be screened privately and results will be stored in a confidential school database.

All students will also be asked to take off their shirts, and thus should plan accordingly with their undergarments.

If students chose not to be screened or do not have the appropriate clothing with them, then that student’s parents or legal guardians will be notified that screening has not been completed.

Any students who will not be screened at school should provide documentation to the school nurse that they have been screened by a medical professional.

If the school nurse finds any unusual or concerning aspects, then that student’s parents or legal guardians will be also notified and encouraged to have their child see a medical professional.

Thursday 1/12- Student Parking Passes

Second semester parking passes for seniors will be available for purchase starting on this day until Friday, January 20th. Seniors must bring a payment of $155 and the completed forms to the main office if they wish to buy a pass.

Any remaining parking passes after the senior’s purchase will be offered to the junior class through a lottery with names being selected on Monday January 30th

Those juniors who are selected will be notified by email and have until Friday, February 3rd to bring the necessary forms and payment to the main office.

The form for any interested seniors can be found here:

Juniors must complete the form linked below:

This Past Week:

Wednesday 1/4- Superintendent Coffee

South parents were invited to join members of the School Committee and Superintendent David Fleishman during a coffee on this day in the Faculty Dining Room to discuss current school issues and familiarize themselves with some of the leaders of South.