This Week in News: 2/6

Graphic by Melanie Egan

Noy Alon
Managing Editor of News

This Upcoming Week

Monday 2/6- Summer Expo

South will hold the annual Teen Summer Expo, which allows parents, guardians, and students the opportunity to meet with over 70 directors from a wide range of summer enrichment programs.

These programs not only vary in cost and length, but also serve any interest including community service, art, language immersion, and sports instruction.

Tuesday 2/7- Sophomore Parent Night

This Tuesday, parents or guardians of the sophomore class are invited to attend the Sophomore Parents Night, which will provide information about the MCAS, course registration, and the transition into junior year.

This event will be held in the South auditorium and will run from 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Wednesday 2/8- Sophomore Guidance Seminar

Instead of attending their regularly scheduled classes, all sophomores will attend a seminar with their guidance counselors discussing expectations for the rest of this school year as well as their junior year during D block.

This Past Week

Monday 1/30- Parking Pass Update

All available second-semester parking passes have been sold to seniors, thus the junior lottery has been canceled and juniors can only park on Brandeis Road or in the spots in front of the senior lot on a first come first serve basis.

Wednesday 2/1- College Application Presentation

Cindy Kaplan, a parent of a South senior and a recipient of a Master’s in psychology, organized a presentation discussing the tools and strategies to help parents or guardians manage their child’s stress during the college application process.

The presentation entitled “Keep the Sanity, Lose the Stress! How to Support your Kid through the College Application Process” also focused on how parents can strengthen their relationship with their child during this process.