Twin Tuesday: Amanda and Samantha Smith

Photo by Brianna Weissel

Allie Floros and Maggie Winters

News Reporters

As Denebola begins to look at what it means to have a twin at South, juniors Samantha and Amanda Smith agreed to sit down with Denebola and share how the pair has pranked their peers over the years.  

What are your favorite things about being a twin?

Samantha: “That’s kind of a hard question. I guess it’s kind of like having a best friend wherever you go.”

Amanda: “Yeah. There’s always, you know if you ever want to talk about something, you always have them. There is another person in the world who has experienced life in the exact same way you have.”

Is there anything not great about having a twin?

Samantha: “Sometimes people don’t see you as an individual and group you together as the twins and not just as one person. They just don’t think of you as a singular person with your own mind and opinions.”

Amanda: “Yeah. I mean sometimes the constant not knowing of the names can get annoying, but we mostly understand that it’s difficult.”

What is your biggest similarity?

Samantha: “Most things. Besides appearance, right?”

Amanda: “Humor?”

Samantha: “Yeah, well I have kind of a more mean sense of humor. I mean I guess we’re both pretty sarcastic, we have the same sense of humor. We also have very similar interests.”

Amanda: “Yeah that’s pretty much it.”

What is your biggest difference?

Samantha: “Well school-wise Amanda likes more sciences and math and I like more English and history. That’s a pretty big difference.”

Amanda: “Samantha is more outgoing almost.”

Samantha: “Ah thanks!”

Amanda: “I’m pretty shy-ish. She’s got a lot of confidence.”

Do you guys plan to stick together after high school, possibly go to college together?

Samantha: “Well because we both have such different academic interests that wouldn’t really be a reason to apply to the same schools. Like I’m not going to apply to a med school, because I want to major in English, because that wouldn’t make any sense. But if we both got into the same college that would definitely be a pro on the list, that would definitely be a reason to go there.”

Amanda: “I think we, for the most part, want to stick together because we’ve never really been apart. And then you have to make new friends and that’s just exhausting.”

Samantha: “A hassle.”

Do you have any funny twin stories:

Samantha: “Oh lots. We get a lot of really… stupid questions about being twins. One person punched me in the arm, then looked at Amanda and asked did you feel that. Obviously she didn’t.”

Amanda: “Best one I think would probably be when we, well in high school we don’t have the same teachers, so in freshman year, we had Samantha sit in my seat in my English class and I hid in the corner and we tried to see if the teacher would notice. And the teacher, well it took like five minutes for the teacher to even look at her, and without changing expressions on her face she turned around and looked at Samantha and went get out.”

Samantha: “She kicked me [out of] the class.”

Amanda: “Without even doing anything. It was so odd, her expression just didn’t even change. Not even like a double take, she just looked at you and said get out.”

Samantha: “ Well my Spanish teacher, freshman year, got really confused after meeting Amanda. He used to think that Amanda would be sitting in my seat trying to trick him, but Amanda takes French so I don’t know why I would do that. I mean I was trying to get a better grade in that class, so why would I do that.”

Amanda: “Yeah. Once we had Samantha sit in my French class and the teacher just didn’t notice her.”

Samantha: “Yeah I sat write next to Amanda and she didn’t notice me. She gave me a work sheet.”

Amanda: “Yeah and it was a French worksheet so Samantha, naturally, filled it out in Spanish.”

Samantha: “Yeah, I did not know what it said.”

Amanda: “That was pretty ridiculous, because the entire class was laughing, because the teacher looked at Samantha, and then looked at me and just didn’t do anything about it.”

Samantha: “Fun fact, everybody who went to Countryside, who is in our grade, thinks we switched classes in 3rd grade and 4th grade, but we did not. We pretended like we did. I used to always wear pink and Amanda used to always wear blue, so it was on like opposite day or something, and I wore blue and Amanda wore pink. We went to our own classes, and to this day everybody is convinced that we switched, but we did not.”

Amanda: “Yeah people still come up to me and are like remember when you switched. And I’m like nope we never have.”

Do you have anything else to add?

Samantha: No, I’m mean what is your favorite question you get?”

Amanda: “Like dumb question?”

Samantha: “Yeah.”

Amanda: “Oh I don’t know.”

Samantha: “Oh, we do have this, should we tell them about the telepathy thing?”

Amanda: “Oh yeah.”

Samantha: “We get a lot of questions about telepathy and so we’d come up with an automatic response to that question. So when someone is like think of something, we say panda. Just because over the years, I’m telling our secrets, we’ll have to come up with a new one but over the years we just keep getting this same question so we come up with the same automatic response.”

Amanda: “It actually tricks people. They’re like oh my God it works!”

Samantha: “Yeah you can have a lot of fun with stupid people.”