Twin Tuesday: Jack and Jordan Briney

Photo by Phoebe Blumberg

By Allie Floros and Maggie Winters

News Reporters

As Denebola continues to look at what it means to have a twin at South, juniors Jack and Jordan Briney agreed to sit down with Denebola and tell how the two student athletes share their love for sports.  

What is your favorite thing about being a twin?

Jack: “My favorite thing about being a twin is that, especially being a twin with a girl, is that I’m able to have more friends that are girls. Because she is always having people over so I got closer with more people than I would have if it were just me. Also, since we’re in the same grade it helps with school work and having another person to check answers with and ask questions about schoolwork.”

Jordan: “Yeah a lot of the same stuff for me. I feel like I have more guy friends than if I didn’t have a twin and they’re a lot of fun. Also being in the same classes is fun, we don’t have a lot together, but working on schoolwork together is really helpful, because we’re learning a lot the same stuff.”

Are there any things that aren’t so great about being a twin?

Jordan: “Sometimes we get kind of competitive, but it’s not bad.”

Jack: “Yeah it’s not really bad at all. It’s all pretty much positives.”

What is your biggest similarity and your biggest difference?

Jack: “Our biggest similarity is probably our love for sports.”

Jordan: “Yeah.”

Jack: “Our biggest difference is the way we deal with South. The way we approach our work. So pretty much our work ethic. I mean I’m trying to think of an example. I think you [Jordan] just work a lot harder.”

Jordan: “No, that’s not true. But, yeah, our biggest difference is definitely our work ethic.”

Do you plan to stick together after high school, possibly go to college together?

Jack: “Well we’re both interested in the same colleges.”

Jordan: “Yeah we’re looking at really similar type schools so there are some overlaps.”

Jack: “I personally would like for Jordan to go to the same school as me, because it’s always nice to know one more person and that would be cool.”

Jordan: “I think it would be fun either way, but, I mean we’re not really looking to go together, but we’re also not trying to be apart.”

Do you have any funny twin stories?

Jack: “Well we can actually kind of read each other’s minds. Like I’m not kidding.”

Jordan: “No, I mean we are kidding.”

Jack: “No I’m not.”

Jordan: “Sometimes we play this joke on people where we pretend to have twin powers. One time at dinner we were tricking my friend into thinking that we could read each other’s minds.”

Jack: “We kind of do, but”

Jordan: “Okay no. I mean I guess a little bit.”

Jack: “You know when you can look at someone and kind of tell what they’re thinking, but like not exactly. We got that going.”

Do you have anything else to add?

Jordan: “I’m older by three minutes, I think you should put that in there.”