Twin Tuesday: Willa and Daphne Frantzis

Photo by Jack Tumpowsky

By Allie Floros

News Reporter

As Denebola continues to profile different sets of twins at South, sophomores Willa and Daphne Frantzis agreed to sit down with Denebola and discuss how they feel about their similar interests, but different birthdays.

What is your favorite thing about being a twin?

Willa: “It’s sometimes nice to have someone who thinks similarly to you, and that’s really about it.”

Daphne: “I don’t want to sound cheesy, but if I need help with something, we’re in some of the same classes, and she can help me with work. And we get along pretty well, so that’s good.”

Is there anything bad about being a twin?

Willa: “Well, since we’re the same age and have the same classes, we’re literally always together. We also have the same interests, same sports and stuff, so we spend our time together 24/7, which is really annoying.”

Daphne: “Yeah, it’s a little too much. We argue quite a bit.”

What’s your biggest similarity and what’s your biggest difference?

Daphne: “I think our biggest similarity is our interests, but a lot of people tell us we have different personalities.”

Willa: “Yeah, I would agree.”

Do you plan to stick together after high school, and possibly go to the same college?

Daphne: “For the college process, we’ve decided that we’re going to do it separately, and not see what each other is doing. I’m not going to not go to a certain college because Willa’s going, but I don’t know, I think it’s good to be on my own.”

Willa: “Yeah, we’ll just see what happens.”

Do you have any funny twin moments or stories?

Willa: “I mean we have moments where we’re walking into the same room and we’re both humming the same song at the same moment, but that’s kind of rare. But we think similarly, so I can be thinking something, and look at Daphne, and she’ll get it.”

Daphne: “We can tell what each other is thinking just by looking at each other. I know her facial expressions. And also when someone asks us a question we sometimes answer at the same time and say the same thing.”

Willa: “Not on purpose, but yeah that happens a lot.”

Are there any other fun facts about you?

Willa: “We have different birthdays, even though we’re identical twins.”

Daphne: “Yeah, we’re thirty-five minutes apart over midnight.”

Do you like that?

Both: “Yeah! We love it”

Willa: “It’s so nice. It gives us each our own birthday.”

Daphne: “Also I’m taller by an inch.”

Willa: “It’s not an inch, Daphne!”

Daphne: “It’s an inch, but yeah I think that’s all.”