We All Have a Voice, Therefore a Chance

Photo by Rebecca Levy

By Chloe Frantzis

Managing Editor of Arts

Let’s be honest, not everyone is thrilled about the American people’s decision; but hey, maybe you are and that’s cool. But if you’re like me, you might be seriously not proud to be an American for the first time in your life. This is a very big day, week, month, and year– make that four years– for me. In these next several years, I will be graduating high school, going to college, and deciding what the heck I’m going to do with my life.

As someone who grew up in Newton, it was hard for me to imagine that something so radical could ever happen in the United States, and that it could really affect me. Now that something has happened, I didn’t really know how to cope with it.

At the start of the day, I went around feeling depressed and mad at the world and how it could allow something like this. I mean, no matter who you support, the result still came as a total shock, so everyone was a bit out of it.

But now that I’ve had a chance to cool down and relax, I’ve realized some very important things.

First, Trump clearly doesn’t believe in many things I value, such as LGBTQ rights, open immigration policies, and the thing I cherish most deeply, environmental issues. Our soon-to-be-president believes it is all a “hoax,” even though it is scientifically proven. Hummm….

Global warming and climate change are real issues, and it is extremely important to not only us, but more importantly, future generations. The state of the Earth is already pretty bad, and action needs to happen now to prevent the situation from worsening. We just don’t understand how big of an issue the safely of our world is because the time bomb hasn’t gone off yet; but believe me, it will, and maybe now it will happen in our lifetime because of Trump.

Since Trump is clearly not going to do anything about this– in fact, he will probably make it worse– it’s up to us to do something. We are the next generation to rise, and we can’t rely on our president to create positive change anymore. This is what frightened me earlier, but now I realize that it is what sparked some hope in me as well. The people of the United States can still trigger that change they want to see with or without the help of our government.  

Posting rants on Facebook, writing articles for your school newspaper, or even other forms of slacktivism isn’t going to be enough anymore. As the idiom goes, actions do speak louder than words, and now is the time act.

I know I will now try and dedicate myself as much as possible to cleaning up our planet by planting trees in the neighborhood and going to clean up trash off the beaches. Although these things might seem irrelevant and pointless, I think we can now all agree that every little vote or action does make all the difference in our still amazing country. Remember, we have not yet declared nuclear war, built a wall, killed our planet, or succumbed to starvation and famine– so let’s make sure that doesn’t happen!

While things are still on the brighter side, do something. I think an important and beneficial thing that did come out of this election, for me at least, was that it has given me a cause and call to arms. I feel passionate about something as I never had before– because if I’m honest, I’ve never really dealt with real adversity.  But the idea that some serious stuff could go down has given me some real motivation. And I’m planning to use it.

So, I’m not just asking, I’m begging you all to use that voice of yours and make that change.