Why 2016 Was the Worst Year Ever

Photo by Annabelle Elmaleh

By Arielle Rubel

Pro Procrastinator

2016 was not our year, and we took some hard L’s, including…

1) The iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack

We waited so long and this is what we got.

2) Our Olympians went crazy

Remember when our Olympic swimmers trashed a gas station in a foreign country?

3) Vine is no more

You had a good run, Vine, but Musically has now replaced you.

4) Harambe

A true national treasure was lost.

5) The election

Enough said.

  1. The creepy clowns

At this point everything’s a joke anyway.

7) Brangelina split

Now we now know that true love doesn’t exist.

8) David Bowie, Prince, and Alan Rickman all died

They truly were what held us all together.

2016 was year with ups and downs… but mostly downs, leaving us looking like this: